Virtuoso Series

      The Virtuoso Series features double chamber ocarinas which extend the tonal range to over two octaves. These instruments are essentially two ocarinas fused into one compact, seamless form. Although they are designed to meet the needs of more advanced performers, the intuitive, ergonomic design makes them suitable for newer players as well.

      In addition to a smooth tonal transition between chambers, Spencer's Virtuoso Series ocarinas feature the innovative use of a right thumb hole, usually reserved for single chamber ocarinas only. This convenient design allows the lower chamber to be played like a standard 12-hole ocarina, while also giving the player the option to play high E and F without being forced to switch chambers. This is especially useful when playing complex or fast passages where numerous rapid chamber transitions would be awkward. The right thumb hole is ergonomically placed so as to be comfortably covered when playing either chamber.

      Currently in production is the Double Alto in the key of C5 with a total range of A4-C7 (28-chromatic notes). Available in ivory white or carbon black with a protective varnish that resists damage and also facilitates easy sliding between chambers.


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Scale and arpeggio

Ballad Of The Windfish

This Is My Father's World (from "Ocarina Hymns" CD)
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