Special Edition Series

      The Special Edition Series features unique, exclusive creations. Currently available are the Ocarina of Time and Fairy Ocarina, which are detailed interpretations of the ocarinas featured in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". These 12-hole ocarinas feature the same patented design as all of Spencer's ocarinas and are professionally crafted musical instruments. A special Legend of Zelda songbook is included with music from "Ocarina of Time", as well as other "Legend of Zelda" titles written in easy to follow tablature.


~ Ocarina of Time ~

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      A treasured heirloom of Hyrule's Royal Family, the Ocarina of Time is a magical instrument which contains great power when held in the right hands. This highly-detailed model features a lustrous, sky blue color and a platinum-coated ring with a golden yellow Triforce inset. Alto C, A4-F6 (21 notes).

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~ Fairy Ocarina ~

      The Fairy Ocarina is Saria's gift to Link as memento of their friendship. It features a satin beige finish with a raised, metallic green Kokiri cap "gem" on the mouthpiece. Alto C, A4-F6 (21 notes).

$149 (made to order)
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Listen to the sound samples below:

Saria's Song

Zelda's Lullaby, Song of Time, Song of Storms

Kokiri Forest Theme

Bolero of Fire

This Is My Father's World (from "Ocarina Hymns" CD)
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