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      Spencer's professional-grade ceramic ocarinas are hand crafted to perfection using a patented design* to obtain truly remarkable clarity throughout the entire range of each instrument. These ocarinas are precisely formed and carefully adjusted for a pure, dynamic timbre. Quick tonal response and ease of playing are appreciated by both novice and advanced players. Each instrument undergoes as many as three tunings to insure stable A=440 Hz concert pitch. In the final stage, the ocarinas are finished with a gloss glaze or a satin varnish for rich color and durability. The signature Spencer logo is a seal of quality that represents the very highest standards maintained in the production of the ocarina. Each instrument is outfitted with a custom satin-lined display box or velvet drawstring pouch and comes with a neck cord, tutorial, songbook, and signed certificate of authenticity.

* US Patent Number 7799980 featured in all Concert, Special Edition and Virtuoso Series ocarinas.

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